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Rachel Weasel Fisher

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    Rachel Weasel Fisher was born in a small Breton village, where she grew up surrounded by a genuine animal garden. She remembers the stories her mother used to tell her to put her to sleep. She quickly picked up pencils, and the art of writing stories, but through drawing.

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    As a post-adolescent, she got inspired by Bill Watterson's incredible writing and directing in his humorous comic strip Calvin & Hobbes. Later, she enjoyed parodying pathetic-comic situations from her daily life and those of her friends at school, in the form of vignettes. At the age of 25, she fled her small country home to settle in Montpellier in the hope of finding her own way. Hoping to find her calling.
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    There, Rachel met a number of artists with whom she started her artistic path. Low reader, she nevertheless immersed herself in a book that would change her perception of life: Bernard Werber "Ants". Her interest in nature then grows dramatically and fuel her inspiration.
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    As a self-taught illustrator, she developed a curiosity for other techniques as for the art of paper-cutting. Day by day, as she delves deeper into her naturalist microcosm, she offers detailed dreamlike panorama, imbued with delicacy and lyricism. Occasionally, she answers the call to produce more light-hearted fruits of her quirky sense of humor and her crunch for geeky movies such as "La classe américaine."
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    With pen and scalpel, paint and dermograph, from the very small to the very large, she keeps in mind the very essence that drives her. Her creations depict a surreal, symbiotic nature. The poetic story she lays down on paper takes the viewer into an allegorical tale. This is how a simple observer becomes a scriptwriter, and can process own personal interpretation.

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Summer 2023 Exhibition

Discover Rachel's work along the Summer 2023 temporary Exhibition "Kreolizations & Heritages"