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Juliette Willows

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    In my artworks, I often explore the relationship between words and images, using typography and text to reinforce the themes I am trying to convey. My pieces often incorporate text as a visual element, playing with its form, size, and placement to create a visual harmony that complements the underlying message.

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     I believe that the combination of words and images can be a powerful tool for communication, and I strive to use this tool to evoke emotion, spark reflection, and inspire action in my viewers. 

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    Many artists in which I inspire from such as Christopher Wool, Jenny Holzer, Basquiat, and Adam Pendleton, use language as a medium to explore the complexities of overlapping and intersectional identities.

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    The goal of my art is to examine the impact of words in our world and everyday lives, and to create a space for reflection and communication between not only myself and my work but between the audience and those whom can relate within our society today.

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  • Dic*tator

    Private Collection
  • The Tragic Love Story

    Available @ NPE Gallery
  • The News set in Stone

    Private Collection

Autumn 2023 Exhibition

Discover Gilles's work along the Autumn 2023 temporary Exhibition "Fabric of Alternatives"