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Cocodéco 974

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    I grew up on Reunion Island. I started drawing at a very early age. As a child, I would copy Boris Vallejo's illustrations. I dreamt of studying fine art, but there was no art school on my island.

    I found a job, started a family, but I was still drawing, between two chores, two nappies, before and after work... I criss-crossed my island again and again, biros in my pocket, sketching, photographing... I reveled in the incessant spectacle my island offered me, the abundance, the opulence, the generosity. There's a waterfall, a hut, the motif of a branch, a perspective, a whole décor to escape to.

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    In 1999, I took an enchanted break. My husband's job brought us to live in Paris for a few years, and I submitted my work to the Gobelins school, which opened its doors to me for training in decor and design. I'm now 35 years old.

    Back on my island, I knew who I was and what I wanted to do and be. It obviously became my muse, my inspiration, and I wanted to keep discovering it, making it known, contemplating it and safeguarding it.

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    Today, even in my modest surroundings, I continue to fill A4 and A3 sheets of paper with black biros and landscapes where nature reigns supreme.

    I opt for black and white because what I want to retain in these settings is light and shadow. I don't want to be too easily drawn in by the colors, and I want to be able to see the richness of the contrasts and shapes.

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    I'm planning to set up a studio that will allow me to produce large formats as well as exhibiting my work, receiving the public and welcoming students. I'm dreaming of a very open space, where you're not quite sure whether you're inside or outside.

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Summer 2023 Exhibition

Discover Cocodeco's work along the Summer 2023 temporary Exhibition "Kreolizations & Heritages"