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Spring 2024 : Visual Poetry with Laetitia Lazizi

| Galerie Non Peut-Être | Workshops

As if in a Peter Greenaway story, Laetitia's pillow book is a process of maïeutic. In the neverending quest for sanity within our paradoxes, where concepts like heritage, identity, hopes, fantasms and fears blend into a simple guts response to inner truth. Letting things in and out, without borders, without rules nor grammar to entangle the meanings, where typography appears like a heartbeat and pulse, imprinted deep within.

A work of the ephemeral that photography captures, not to embellish, but as a trace of a wound that time renders invisible to others, but whose bite the heart and soul cannot bury.

Flesh & Words



Creation Residency
speaking FR, EN, CA, NL
Hosts will mainly proceed in FR & EN

What to Expect ?

  • When ?

    Sunday to Friday April 21st to 30th 2024 - Studio (Spontaneous self-organization)

  • For who ?

    Artist will travel through belgian locations to produce new artpieces in accordance to her creative process

  • Price ?

    not applicable - but meetings with the artist can be scheduled based on first contact appointments

  • Where ?
    meeting point

    Belgium : Auderghem, Brussels, Charleroi, Nederlands : Zealand Countryside