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Fall 2023 : Fragile Photography with Isabelle Banco

| Galerie Non Peut-Être | Workshops

When you walk through Isabelle Banco's photographs,
a tenuous impression, like a caress, grazes and stubbornly persists.
From image to image, beauty offers itself to our eyes.
or would she have us believe for a brief moment that all she had to do was seize it on a stroll.

In this way, she captures untouched, virginal fragments outside the world and time. Nature is central without being idealized. It is taken for what it is: a ripe fruit warmed by the day
by the day, which can only be fully enjoyed by those who know
and savor it slowly. It welcomes peaceful bodies whose forms are embodied in softness.
The details of matter hold our attention indefinitely
on the capture: the grain of the skin is delicately tangible, the down appears like foam on the water.




Guests welcome speaking FR, EN, CA, ES
Hosts will mainly proceed in FR & EN

What to Expect ?

  • When ?

    Thursday to Saturday November 23rd and 25th 2023 - on location (daytime)

  • For who ?

    Dancers, pro or medior amateur, models (M/F), light assistant and color grading enthusiasts.

  • Price ?

    100,00 €/participant (recommended), Free for students, unemployed, migrants and models.

  • Where ?
    meeting point

    Rouge Cloître, Tervuren Museum Gardens, Hippodrome de Boitsfort, BRUSSELS