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Fall 2023 : Street Photo by Night with Loïc & TbK

| Galerie Non Peut-Être | Workshops

🥷 Night Street Photography with Loïc Pirlot & TbK 🌃

Pitch: Learn, practice and master the Art of Night Portraits Photography with mixed natural and artificial lighting. During this workshops pro art photographers Loïc Pirlot and Tibabouk will realise, comment and welcome guests into an immersive session where together we will enjoy night portrait photography techniques, bokeh, High ISO, low light and reflections of rain atmospheres in Brussels Auderghem.

All Profiles welcome on reservation. If needed we offer special promo Lens rental with our partner Kamera Express Rental Evere.

Note : We strongly suggest candidates to bring their own favorite camera.




Guests welcome speaking FR, EN, NL, ES
Hosts will mainly proceed in FR & EN

What to Expect ?

  • When ?

    Saturday and Sunday November 18th and 19th 2023 - From 20h to 23h (incl. debrief)

  • For who ?

    photographers, pro or medior amateur, models (M/F), light assistant and color grading enthusiasts.

  • Price ?

    100,00 €/participant (recommended), Free for students, unemployed, migrants and models.

  • Where ?
    meeting point

    Parking Lot Carrefour Auderghem, 276 Bd. Souverain 1160 BRUSSELS - Metro Demey, Bus Auderghem Shopping